This is truly stunning. You have me laughing out loud with details of the ‘easy reading community’ (kids can be so cruel), then I was mesmerised by your ghostly metaphors about chalk on old blackboards (were they the ones which were on a runner, usually divided into 3, so you can pull one used section down and have a ‘new page’ without rubbing out?!!!
But then you had my in tears, because humour for me was also my salvation, when I finally discovered its miraculous responses in those around me. Thanks for that, I need to go out soon and I now look like a frog!
Your post is insightful; I’d heard a little about Shakespeare being dyslexic and he is an early example of an Alan Sugar. Not allowing a tough start in life to hold your drive back. Somebody let their handbrakes off didn’t they?
Have a great day :))

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